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Caring for resin jewelry

Care and protection of resin jewelry.

  • Resin jewelry does not like water , let alone hot water (!), so even if you are beautiful with your jewelry, do not shower them, do not take them to the pool or the sea ... in any case, they prefer restaurants, parties, and nightclubs!;)
  • The resin is also sensitive to corrosive liquids such as cleaning products or perfume.
  • Do not expose your jewelry to the sun for a long time , it could see its surface or its color deteriorate.
  • Watch out for scratches ! ..Try to avoid knocking, or sleeping with your jewel, its surface could be damaged, From experience I recommend that you pay particular attention to the seat belts of cars !!
  • To clean them, a dry cloth will be perfect, I use a glasses cloth.

And as always ...Be happy !