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Shipping policy

Hi guys !

I live in Spain , so that's where my jewelry is shipped from.

  • I send my packages 3 times a week , Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • I always wait a minimum of 24 hours before shipping them in case you want to cancel your purchase.
  • I send you a sending notification by email when it is completed, as well as the tracking number which allows you to know where your package is located and the link to the page where you can search.

When you make your payment, you have the possibility to put a sending address other than yours… if you miss this, do not hesitate to contact me to give it to me.

  • Shipping times ...Obviously they can vary according to current circumstances ...

España: between 1 and 7 días laborales

Europe: Between 7 and 15 days

Feedback ...One of my packages took 17 days to arrive in Germany, and I can't help it, I lose control from the moment I post the package, sorry!

It is just as important to me as you that my package arrives safely. This is why if these deadlines are not respected, contact me by email. we will look for a solution.

Thank you !